"Every service is intended to meet every 'Empowerees' fitness needs!"

                                         "Every service is intended to meet every 'Empowerees' fitness needs!"

Personal Training

Empowered Training holds its services with high standards and we believe that not all exercises and movements are made to be executed by everyone. Exercise is not a "one size fits all". Every Empowered Personal Training service offers you a complementary session. Opening a friendly, honest, and confidential environment.

Your wellness coach will examine your health history, talk about your goals, nutrition, and understand your limitations.  Based on your fitness level, the complementary session will run anywhere between 30-60 minutes, consisting of a full body intensity sensitive workout with various exercises and movements, to help us better service you in creating your personalized fitness program. 

Our objective is to push you and direct you in the right direction to your personalized goals.  You will learn more about yourself and finish each session with a smile and sense of accomplishment. 

Small Group Training

In a regular fitness class, you become just another "head count", it can get frustrating when you don't know how to execute an exercise or feel pain from doing the exercise wrong. Well rest assure that all ends with us!

Empowered Small Group Training  offers 2 complementary session. Each session is a 45 minute, full body, intensity sensitive workout.

All small group sessions are shared with 3-6 individuals seeking the same goal of losing weight and burning fat. Every client works at their pace and is monitored closely by a wellness coach.

The objective is to make each session bring you closer to reaching your fitness goal with appropriate progressions, regressions, and being mindful of your limitations

With us, you are not another "head count", you are part of a small family that shares positive energy, support and laughter.  

Just ask some of our clients!