Your Empowered Training Wellness Coach

       Empowered Training is a fitness and wellness program founded by Jonathan Sorto-Velasquez. Whether your goal is to gain muscle or lose weight,  Jonathan takes the time to cater each session to work with your needs and around any limitation to jump start your fitness journey.  Every Empowered Training service includes a 30 minute nutritional consultation and measurements to monitor your results and simply to get to know you and your life style in and out of the gym.

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          Jonathan Sorto-Velasquez BS, C.P.T – E.F.S
       Introduced to Health and Fitness at the age of 15, Jonathan dedicates countless hours learning about the human body and its relationship to exercise and nutrition. A 2010 Personal Training-Exercise Medicine graduate from Nassau B.O.C.E.S. Barry Tech Career and Technical Education Center, Jonathan furthered his education in personal training by completing the Academy of Applied Personal Training Education’s personal training course and nationally accredited personal trainer-exercise fitness specialist certification in July 2011. Additionally, Jonathan is a Graduate of Dowling College earning a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education. Jonathan is dedicated and passionate, helping clients overcome health and fitness obstacles; he believes with motivation and the guidance of a fitness specialist, any goal is possible. Jonathan believes that personal training is not a just job, but a long-term career of sharing in the journey to success through physical, mental and emotion achievements. He takes great pride in the privilege of assisting his clients to successfully meeting their goals.


Jonathan's Personal Journey:

"For me gaining weight and muscle was always a struggle. I tried every quick 'bulk' to gain weight:  high carbs and eat everything in sight. My weight certainly went up, as well as my fat percentage, but it was too good to be true. I realized that not much muscle weight was added since I was over-eating, not  keeping track of my portions, and not balancing my workouts.

This went on for a while until I found the solution: I put myself on a personalized program that gave me high intensity days I entitled my "fat burning workouts." Mixing them with strength training days, I was able to develop muscle and strength. It was hard at first, but the results were what kept giving me the drive I needed to keep going. I was able to drop down to low fat percentages and increase my weight by incorporating the science of exercise and nutrition. I had found my working formula.

This is my goal with Empowered Training - to use my background knowledge that I have obtained through countless hours of schooling, self education, fitness seminars and workshops to help you discover what will work for you."