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Why us?

     Empowered Training is a fitness and wellness program founded by Jonathan Sorto-Velasquez. Whether your goal is to gain muscle or lose weight,  Jonathan takes the time to cater each session to work with your needs and around any limitation to jump start your fitness journey.  

     Every Empowered Training service includes a 15-30 minute consultation that includes measurements, body fat analysis, and nutritional guidance to help monitor your results while getting to know you and your life style in and out of the gym. Each service is met with a unique approach to personal, semi-private or small group training. We cater to, individuals that enjoy working in a one-on-one personal training environment, or those who like the energy of group exercise, but understand the importance of support, motivation, and professional guidance from a degreed and nationally accredited certified fitness professional. 

     We strive to help you become body and exercise knowledgeable while becoming physically strong as you work toward achieving your goals and exceeding your expectations.

Achieving results is a small commitment away…

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