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Ashley testimonial / before & after pic

“Jonathan Sorto is truly an amazing trainer. He encourages you through challenges with out pushing you too hard.  He's helped me accomplished so much. I am stronger mentally and physically. As a mom of two it is hard to find time for a gym but he has shown me what I can do at home with little to no equipment and in just a few months I was able to see and feel progress. Thank you Jonathan for helping me achieve my goals.”



JoJo testimonial / before & after

“Jon Sorto has been a huge help for me. Just when I was at my lowest point, he helped me get back on my feet, and start a new healthy perspective on life. I was fat, depressed, and miserable because nothing looked good on me. When I found out my gym had personal trainer classes, I thought "What do i have to lose?" So after a couple of sessions with Jon, I really started to see a difference. With his warm yet strong approach, he pushed me to achieve something that I never thought I'd ever accomplish. Even when I was tired and wanted to quit, Jon pushed me and didn't let me self-doubt myself for a second. I owe Jon a lot because without him, I wouldn’t feel great, or have started to love exercising. Now I feel and look great, going from a size 14, to a size 10 and still going!!”



Pietrina testimonial / before & after

 “For once I feel that my coach understands why finding time to work out is so difficult! Instead of dragging myself to the gym every day after working long, hard hours, and do the same boring workout,  I was able to work out in 45 minutes, 3 times a week.  It was the right change I was looking for. My coach was a email away if I needed him before or after my work out and on my rest days. What could get better than that! Oh, I know, results. Yes, results happened! In just two months I feel ready to go on my dream vacation with a body I knew I couldn’t get on my own! Thanks Coach J!”  



Luann testimonial / before & after

“Working with Jon has changed my life.  I have lost over 20 inches and more than 2 dress sizes.  Jon is tough yet compassionate and is dedicated to helping you reach your goals.  Jon is enthusiastic and believes in you more than do yourself.”