What Is Your New Bike?

               Like the old saying goes, “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.” I’m sure that many, if not everyone, have heard this saying multiple times in their life. When and why where we told this exactly? Well now that’s when it all changes for everyone.

                Personally I like this quote and I truly believe that if you don’t succeed the first time, try again. Why? Well for many reasons. One reason being is finding success after many times of failure. Second reason being that everything is trial and error. We don’t always succeed from the first time. This quote, I have found to be applicable for many scenarios. Some examples, trying to save money for a desired goal like a vacation, car, or just to save for emergencies.  Possibly getting a degree for a future career, or the one that many have dealt with, relationships. If you can agree with any one, or all, of these scenarios you can remember the hard ships that came with any of them. As much as you want success in anything you truly want to accomplish, the feeling of failure or failure itself, comes into play.

                Failure or the feeling of failure should never be the excuse you give yourself to let it all go and stop at what you worked hard for. See it as another trial and error moment in your life. Think of the time in your life when you got your first bike with training wheels. Can you remember the bike? The color? The feel of the brand new rubber handles? Or the smell of the fresh new rubber from the tires? How excited were you? Knowing you can now join the neighborhood kids. I can remember it all and I was always looking forward to the afternoon, after my mighty morphing power rangers of course. The bike in this case, was the dream that I always wanted to come true. I had it and it was great while it lasted. Like anything that once gave us excitement at some point becomes stagnant, and that’s what happened.  As much as I loved the bike and being out, I wanted some more excitement and that excitement came from the vision of riding with no training wheels. Now we come to the day where the training wheels are off. It’s there, right in front of me, the bike with no training wheels. Excited, I jumped on, took my first few pedals and…..fell right off. At this point, the feeling went from excited to, “never mind I need the training wheels again.” Luckily I had my older brother to help me get back up and try and try again. 3 days later, I was falling less and feeling more confident. Eventually I was on my own and riding with ease.

                It’s funny to see how much more confident we are as children, but the older we get, the moment we fall off the bike, we want to give up. The bike example is my example to relate to the quote and to help you understand that everything is trial and error. When we fall, just get back again and continue riding. When a goal or vision becomes stagnant and you feel giving up is the best solution, take a few moments and ask yourself, why? What can I do to make it better? What caused things to be the way they are? If you can take the time to answer these questions and get to the root of the unhappiness, chances are you will find the solution. Just like the bike, you fall once and you fall twice. After the first few trials, you still fall, but after some time passes, you are falling less and less. Why? Because you begin to find out why you are falling and what you need to correct it. Maybe you went too fast, you wobbled or leaned too much to one side, either way you find the reason. Once you find the solution, apply it and don’t get frustrated when you don’t see results right away. It takes time and if you try your best and still see no results, than that’s that, it’s another lesson learned. You will realize that you gave it your best and what’s meant to be will be.

Apply this to any goal, doesn’t matter if the goal is to lose weight, changing career paths, or even being in a relationship. Keep fighting for what you truly want and gives you the excitement of the new bike.

“Life is trial and error. Every relationship is not meant to work. Sometimes you’re just meant to learn the lesson”