What Will You Do On Your Next Vacation?

     We can all use a break from time to time. Mini vacations or even a staycation. Whatever you find or can make time for and get away for peace and relaxation. In my case, I am currently on my vacation for 2 weeks visiting family in El Salvador. 

     How often do you hear people complain about their vacations because one or two things didn’t go as planned? Or because they have to pack, and they don’t want to live out of a suitcase? My favorite one, “It was an ok vacation, I didn’t know what to do so I stayed home the entire time”, but my question is why? Why stress, complain or just stay indoors when you are finally given the time to do something fun and exciting. You complain all year about needing a break and when the opportunity is in front of you, you let it pass by being bored and unhappy. Now I’m not saying you have to do something crazy and out of the ordinary like cliff diving, but I’m saying that whatever gives you pleasure and makes you feel relaxed should be the thing or things you do on your time off. Take a few minutes to make an agenda of the things you been meaning to get to but never had the opportunity. Make time to catch up on a few books you been meaning to read, get fresh air and don’t feel guilty if you wanted to sleep in a few extra hours. In the meantime, all the stresses of work and your personal life should be forgotten. Let it go, relax and breathe. Stress will never go away, it will be waiting when you get back so don’t let it suck the fun of all your ‘you time’. The time you get to vacation, you should really enjoy it. Make every moment count and reflect on all that you have accomplished. Organize your thoughts and see where you want to keep moving towards when you get back. Usually the answers to most of your problems come when your mind is at ease. For me, it’s been nothing but relaxation and a clear mind.  

     These past few days have been refreshing. I have come on vacation with my family for 2 weeks, visiting family in San Salvador, El Salvador to be exact. Traveling and doing a lot of site seeing with family has been quite an experience. Never staying in one spot for more than 2 days, I haven’t had the time to update my weekly Monday blog. As much as I don’t like getting pushed back on tasks that need to be done by certain deadlines, I didn’t mind as much with this one. I have been visiting family and hiking mountains that I never once stopped to look at the time. It’s a great feeling knowing that for 2 weeks I don’t have to live my life by a clock. I came here with an agenda of tasks that I wanted to accomplish. As much as I want to get them done, I decided that for these 2 weeks only, I was going to take each task as it came, example this blog. These past few days have not only been time to vacation, but time to think and reflect.

     This is your time, your moment, to enjoy with your family and have stories to tell for years to come. Take the time to do what you been meaning to get done, because at the end of it all work will always be there and so will stress, but the time you have with loved ones and for yourself won’t.

“Take Vacations. Go as many places as you can. You can always make money, You can’t always make memories.”