All You Need Is Some R&R

     Rest can be defined in more than one way. It all depends on the person that you ask. Some might say rest is getting a few extra hours of sleep. Rest might be taking a full day off, and some might say rest is taking a vacation. Who would be correct?

     Well there is no one right answer. Rest is defined differently due to the amount of work someone does on a monthly, weekly, or yearly basis. For example, teachers will say that having mini breaks during the school year and 2 months off in the summer is the perfect amount of rest they need. So whichever way you see it, the fact that you agree to taking rest means you are doing the right thing.

     Let’s face it, how many of us like to take on each day with no break? If that someone is you, then you know that after a long period of time, all the work catches up to your body. Then what happens? Your body begins to ache, you wake up feeling drained and each task begins to feel over whelming. Why? Because your body is telling you, “Hey let’s take a break and rest”. Instead you ignore it and the fighting spirit in you wants to keep going. That’s great to have and I applaud you, but how much is exactly too much? And what negative effects will it have on your health, both mentally and physically?

     Rest should never be seen as a bad thing. It’s important to stop and break away from it all. Why? Because if you don’t, your attitude will begin to show it. Your fighting spirit will begin to break because your body is slowly burning out. Without the adequate amount of rest, you won’t be able to perform at your best. It will show in your work, your energy levels and it may affect the way you view your surrounding and peers. It’s ok to take a day and let your mind and body reset itself. Find one day a week to sleep in a few more hours. Treat yourself to the things that you normally don’t have time. The things that give you satisfaction and require little to no physical and mental work. I think it’s fair enough, you deserve it. See how you feel the next day. Your mind and body will thank you.

“Don’t always go for the green lights, enjoy the view at the stop lights”